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Galicyjska Szkoła Smaku


  • Website analysis.
  • Promotional actions related to the created promotional campaign.
  • Analyzing opinions on internet forums and social networks.
  • Developing a marketing strategy.
  • Reaching the target group and conducting promotional actions leading to acquiring new customers that will become loyal guests.
  • Involving the local media and celebrities in the promotion of the facility.
  • Increasing the visibility in internet communities such as Facebook, discussion forums and opinion-forming portals.

Each project is carried out in close cooperation with the object supervisor. We deliver useful templates of operational documents and conduct training in related areas. Appropriate tests, checklists and quizzes will be used to verify the competence of employees.

Each project is prepared and carried out individually for every client, keeping in mind the specific needs of the catering business.

  • Defining assessment areas.
  • Preparing the content of auditors’ questionnaires.
  • Developing the grading system, establishing the schedule of inspections.
  • Preparing auditors to their duties.
  • Presentation of results; reports from individual inspections, summary reports.
  • Suggestions for recovery plans.

We will use our knowledge, skills and the best practices to support our clients in building optimal standards and procedures for modern management on each stage and in every moment of activity of their catering facilities.